inaccessible UK US /ˌɪnəkˈsesəbl/ adjective
not easy to get or be used: »

The site is inaccessible during program updates.

be inaccessible to sb »

Scientific collections are scattered around the globe, and they are sometimes inaccessible to researchers most interested in them.

not easy to be reached or entered: »

inaccessible by road/car/vehicle

inaccessible to sth/sb »

The low-level station is completely inaccessible to wheelchairs.

not easy to understand: »

The books and articles are written in language that many find inaccessible.

if a person is inaccessible, they are unwilling to see people and are unfriendly and difficult to talk to: »

He may be the most inaccessible president since the introduction of regular press conferences to the White House.

Compare ACCESSIBLE(Cf. ↑accessible)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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